Yarbo 4-in-1 Yard Robot

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The Yarbo 4-in-1 Robot combines the Yarbo Core, Lawn Mower, Snow Blower, and Blower into a versatile, all-season yard maintenance solution. This modular system leverages advanced technology and robust design to handle various outdoor tasks efficiently, ensuring your yard remains well-maintained throughout the year.
At the heart of this system is the Yarbo Core, the central unit that powers and controls the different attachments. The Core features advanced GPS and AI navigation for precise maneuvering and efficient operation. Its weather-resistant construction ensures durability in various conditions, while the remote control capability via the Yarbo App allows for convenient scheduling and monitoring of tasks.
The Yarbo Lawn Mower attachment offers autonomous mowing with a clean and uniform cut. Equipped with obstacle detection and avoidance, it ensures the safety of people and pets. Its advanced navigation system guarantees complete lawn coverage, making yard maintenance easy and efficient.
The Yarbo Snow Blower Robot is designed for effective snow removal. It operates autonomously, utilizing GPS and AI for precise navigation and coverage. The triple safety layers, including radar and three cameras, ensure obstacle detection and avoidance, enhancing safety during operation. The snow blower can handle harsh winter conditions, with a 24-inch cutting width, an adjustable throw distance of up to 50 feet, and the ability to climb slopes up to 35%, providing thorough and reliable snow clearing.
The Yarbo Blower is a high-performance robotic leaf blower designed to manage large yards and hard-to-reach areas. It achieves airspeeds of 190 MPH and moves up to 760 CFM of air, making quick work of heavy debris. The blower features a variable speed motor and a powerful 2000W rated motor for consistent performance. It can operate on slopes up to 70% (35°) and has a waterproof level of IPX3, ensuring durability in various weather conditions.
The Yarbo 4-in-1 Robot offers a comprehensive yard maintenance solution, combining mowing, snow blowing, and leaf blowing into a single, modular system. The advanced navigation and safety features ensure efficient and safe operation, while the robust construction guarantees durability and long-term performance. With remote control capabilities via the Yarbo App, users can easily schedule and monitor all tasks, making yard maintenance more convenient and reducing physical effort. This all-in-one system is an essential tool for maintaining a clean, tidy, and well-kept yard throughout the year.